Fraud Blocker Coaching: As Your Coach I’m Not Going to Fix You

Coaching: As Your Coach I’m Not Going to Fix You

by | Dec 12, 2023

In the world of personal development and coaching, there are many misconceptions. One of the most common is the idea that a coach is a ‘fixer.’ 

I’d like to debunk this myth.

You’re Not Broken

Firstly, I want to make it crystal clear: I will NOT attempt to ‘fix’ you. If you’re seeking someone to mend or repair you, I’m afraid you’ll have to keep searching. 

Why? Simply because I don’t believe you’re broken. The idea that you need fixing implies that there’s something fundamentally wrong with you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Each one of us is unique, with our own strengths and weaknesses, and that’s what makes us who we are.

Empowerment Over Dependency

Secondly, it’s disempowering to hand your power to someone else in the hope that they can change you. Let’s be honest: if someone promises they can change you, they’re not telling you the whole truth. Change comes from within; it’s a process that requires self-awareness, self-acceptance, and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

Own Your Own Destiny

Thirdly, relying on someone else to ‘fix’ you takes away your responsibility for your own destiny. It’s your life, and you have the power to shape it in the way you want. Taking ownership of your actions and decisions is an essential part of personal growth and development.

My Role as Your Coach

So, what will I do as your coach? My role is to provide guidance and support as you navigate your journey of self-discovery.

  1. Understanding Yourself: I’ll help you understand yourself and your desires more deeply than ever before. Together, we’ll uncover your true aspirations and work towards achieving them.
  2. Unleashing Your Potential: I’ll assist you in discovering your true potential and nurturing your confidence. We’ll identify your strengths and how you can leverage them to reach your goals.
  3. Creating Your Desired Life: I’ll support you in finding ways to create the life and career you truly want. We’ll strategise and plan actionable steps towards your dream lifestyle.

Embrace the Best Version of You

My aim as your coach is to help you become the best version of you. However, for this transformation to happen, you must be willing to be the agent of that change. 

Never surrender your power to anyone else. You’re worth more than that.



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