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Coaching for Executives and Directors

I help board level executives and directors step into their leadership potential.

Ex-Law Firm Partner | Ex-Magic Circle Lawyer


Work with Helen

Ex-Law Firm Partner | Ex-Magic Circle Lawyer


As a former Magic Circle lawyer and top City law firm Partner (at just 6 years qualified), Helen understands what it takes to succeed in the business world.

Helen is also a qualified psychotherapist and executive coach, and now helps directors reach the top in their careers.

She also helps directors cope with the pressures of the job, and avoid burnout.

By defining your vision, mastering your mindset, and creating a solid and actionable plan for success, Helen will set you on the path to future success.

Helen’s services are an invaluable investment for any board level member who wants to progress their career.


How I Can Help You Grow

As a business leader, you know first-hand that the pressure and demands of senior leadership can be overwhelming. I offer exclusive opportunities to help navigate these challenges with confidence while simultaneously investing in your ongoing personal and professional development.

You don’t need to compromise on health, energy or self-esteem – let me show you how to rise above it all!

Join me for an exceptional experience designed specifically for business leaders like yourself who are looking to grow both personally and professionally as influential change-makers within their industry.

What People Say

"She holds space for clients beautifully"

I would wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a coach. She is an incredibly warm and kind person who has a presence that makes you feel truly heard. She holds space for clients beautifully, enabling them to hone in on what it is that they really want and need to focus on. Guided by her skilful prompts, I made a lot of progress on a good range of work (and life!) issues in the sessions I had with her. Thank you, Helen!


Head of Markets Legal

Global Bank
"I'm learning new skills on a weekly basis"

I came to Helen to help me transition out of my athletic career, which is challenging for me to process. I’m learning new skills such as improving my mindset, increasing my patience and tolerance towards myself and others and being more open to new ideas and perspectives. I come out of every session feeling refreshed, happy and buzzing. I’m then ready to prepare for the week ahead rejuvenated. This means I’m a better version of myself, as well as a better captain and teammate.



Professional Athlete (MMA) and Businessman
"Helen has been incredibly empathic"

I’ve been working with Helen in some very challenging periods in my life. Helen has been incredibly empathic towards me, showing no judgment and pure concern for my wellbeing. She has provided a number of practical suggestions which I’m implementing gradually. Helen isn’t a soft touch at all and doesn’t let her clients walk away from the journey that they agree with her; but equally she shows through her own experiences how human and fallible we all are and has never allowed me to feel like a failure when I slip up. I am so blessed to know her.



Head of Legal at a Major Multinational Corporation