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Networking Masterclass

Master the Art of Networking
The Exclusive Masterclass from
Helen Pamely

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Be the next Networking Success Story
I've been there.

Do you dread networking events?

Does the thought of small talk with strangers leave you cold?

Do you wonder how others turn brief encounters into big opportunities?


Hi, I'm Helen

I started my career in the Magic Circle and went on to climb the steep ladder of the legal world to become a law firm Partner at a top UK firm.

Now, I want to share the blueprint that transformed networking from a tiresome task into a dynamic tool for my success.


What you get

Tailored Workbook

Your blueprint to a networking strategy that is clear, actionable, and geared for long-term success.

Guided Action Points

Concrete steps for before, during, and after the masterclass to make each interaction count.

Exceptional Takeaways

Gain invaluable insights that extend well beyond our time together, tools that will foster your professional journey.

Interactive Q&A

Have your questions answered directly, ensuring you leave with nothing holding you back from making your next move.

So, here’s to the launch of my

Networking Masterclass…

…where I share ALL the secrets 🤫
I only usually give my high ticket coaching clients.

There’s nothing out there
on the market like this.

What's on the Agenda?

Elevate your reputation across the industry.

Forget chance encounters; I’ll give you a plan that builds partnerships.

Use your network to expand your practice with strategies that actually work.

Are you ready?
Reshape the way
you connect with
your peers and
attract new clients!

Become a Networking Master
for just £197

I’m offering a 90 minute masterclass that will revolutionise your approach to building professional relationships and winning clients.

Coming Soon!

Get your clear, actionable strategy under your belt.

Designed for those who are serious about mastering the networking game

Helen’s client get results

Will you be the next success story?

"I can't recommend Helen enough!"

I now have a clear business plan which focuses on key objectives and business development strategies which I am confident will be invaluable in terms of furthering my career. I can’t recommend Helen enough!


Jo Potbury, Senior Associate

DMH Stallard
"Instrumental in shaping my career"

Helen has been instrumental in shaping my career, equipping me with the necessary tools, mindset and networking strategies to clearly map out my professional trajectory. Her understanding of my circumstances has led to excellent coaching results. Highly recommended!


Jack, Counsel

Silver Circle Firm
"Worker bee to business generator"

Helen’s focussed, outcomes-orientated approach has been invaluable in helping me initiate and build on business relationships and in turn shift gears from worker bee to business generator.


Sam, Senior Associate

Top UK Law Firm
"Helen helped me recognise my achievements"

I’ve always felt anxious about networking, I definitely suffer from imposter syndrome. Helen helped me recognise my achievements and my worth to help me have more confidence when networking.


Jenny, Senior In-House Lawyer

Multinational Company
"Changed my relationship with networking"

Helen completely changed my relationship with networking. Rather than see it as an awkward exercise, I now see it as an opportunity to build genuine connections with people in the industry. It has made it far less daunting and has helped me to gain clarity on who to network with and why.


Laura, Barrister

7 Years Call
"Changed my attitude towards networking"

Helen’s coaching helped me to develop my networking ability in two ways. First, it changed my attitude towards networking. I now appreciate that networking is a skill to be practiced and developed, which in turn helped me to apply structure, focus and intent to my networking. Second, it gave me confidence – Helen’s coaching encouraged me to ‘put my self out there’ and to lead with my personality. This helped me to stop shying away from the process and overthinking it.

I couldn’t recommend Helen’s coaching more highly!

 John, Trainee Solicitor 

Top UK Firm


into your
success story!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I take away from this masterclass?

You’ll leave with a clearly defined networking plan tailored to your career goals, an understanding of how to build a strong professional profile, and actionable steps to grow your client base effectively.

I'm already comfortable with networking. What more can this masterclass offer me?

Even if you’re confident in your networking abilities, this masterclass provides advanced strategies, a concrete blueprint to follow and a fresh perspective. All of this together will elevate your existing skills to new heights.

How do I know this will be relevant to my specific area of law?

Networking principles have a broad application regardless of your legal specialisation. The strategies discussed are adaptable, ensuring you can apply them to your particular field and professional circumstances.

Is this masterclass appropriate for lawyers at any stage of their career?

Definitely. The masterclass is structured to lay down a scientific foundation for networking that directly links to your business plan, regardless of your experience level. Whether you’re laying the first stones or building on an established practice, the principles taught will reinforce and elevate your networking strategy.

Why is this masterclass just £197?

At £197, this is a rare chance to access strategies from my one-to-one coaching, typically starting at £3000 + VAT. This special price is about offering incredible value and building our community. It’s a unique, one-time deal that won’t be repeated, making this masterclass an exceptional investment in your professional growth.

What if I have questions after the masterclass ends?

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the masterclass. Plus, you can always reach out for further queries or discussions post-masterclass.

What if I can't make the live session or want to rewatch the masterclass?

Everyone who signs up to the networking masterclass will have access to the full recording for 30 days after the live session.