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I was Magic Circle trained and made Partner at a top London law firm at 6 years qualified. I know what it takes to reach the top, and fast – also whilst taking good care of you.

I now coach lawyers one-on-one and in groups, to reach the top and become the best, most fulfilled versions of themselves.

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"Truly an inspiration"

We invited Helen to appear at our panel discussion for Junior Combar, a specialist association for commercial barristers. Helen was truly an inspiration, demonstrating huge insight into the many challenges faced by lawyers, particularly barristers in their early years of practice. She suggested practical and even creative ways to address those challenges. Helen has a compelling and warm presence, and her input to the discussion was very welcome.


Emma Hynes

Vice Chair Junior Combar, Gatehouse Chambers
"She holds space for clients beautifully"

I would wholeheartedly recommend Helen as a coach. She is an incredibly warm and kind person who has a presence that makes you feel truly heard. She holds space for clients beautifully, enabling them to hone in on what it is that they really want and need to focus on. Guided by her skilful prompts, I made a lot of progress on a good range of work (and life!) issues in the sessions I had with her. Thank you, Helen!


Head of Markets Legal

Global Bank
"Helped me to gain much-needed clarity"

Helen has helped me to gain much-needed clarity on the type of role I want to move into and has helped me to feel much more confident about changing roles. She has helped me to take practical steps towards moving into a new role and has helped me stay accountable to the goals we have set in our sessions. I highly recommend Helen to anyone who is looking to make a career change, or simply looking to improve their confidence and sense of well-being in their existing role.



"A fantastic programme and I’m so pleased I signed up"

After suffering burnout earlier in my career; I sought Helen’s help about how to achieve a genuinely sustainable work/life balance. Being self-employed and mostly working autonomously, I also wanted to explore how to remain engaged with my work, with the backdrop of a busy family life. Our sessions on values and an introduction to mindfulness really resonated with me. A fantastic programme and I’m so pleased I signed up. I continue to recommend Helen to lawyers and law firms on a weekly basis!


Matt Parsons

Director, Ardent Legal Recruitment
"enabled me to have the confidence and drive"

When I found Helen, I was a newly qualified lawyer, struggling with an increased workload, anxiety and a strained work environment. Helen listened to my struggles, and delivered practical advice in an empathic and perceptive way. This in turn enabled me to have the confidence and drive to formulate my goals and pursue the next steps in my career.  I really recommend Helen as a career coach, and hope to continue working with her throughout my career.



Associate (NQ)
"I'm learning new skills on a weekly basis"

I came to Helen to help me transition out of my athletic career, which is challenging for me to process. I’m learning new skills such as improving my mindset, increasing my patience and tolerance towards myself and others and being more open to new ideas and perspectives. I come out of every session feeling refreshed, happy and buzzing. I’m then ready to prepare for the week ahead rejuvenated. This means I’m a better version of myself, as well as a better captain and teammate.



Professional Athlete (MMA) and Businessman
"Everyone came away feeling creatively empowered and inspired"

Helen delivered a brilliant session for She Breaks the Law on how to unlock our creative potential. We discussed how creativity makes us better thinkers, how it is necessary for well-being, how it reduces stress and keeps us healthy and had open discussion around what the barriers were. Helen speaks incredibly knowledgeably and her session is brimming with insight and practical tips. Everyone came away feeling creatively empowered and inspired.


Helen Burness

CMO, She Breaks the Law
"Helen has been incredibly empathic"

I’ve been working with Helen in some very challenging periods in my life. Helen has been incredibly empathic towards me, showing no judgment and pure concern for my wellbeing. She has provided a number of practical suggestions which I’m implementing gradually. Helen isn’t a soft touch at all and doesn’t let her clients walk away from the journey that they agree with her; but equally she shows through her own experiences how human and fallible we all are and has never allowed me to feel like a failure when I slip up. I am so blessed to know her.



Head of Legal at a Major Multinational Corporation
"Helen helped me act on what is important to me"

I met Helen in 2021 and was immediately inspired by her unique coaching style, which puts wellbeing as the priority. Helen helped me find the time to act on what was important to me and to reignite the spark of passion for my work and life. Previously, I felt over-worked, stressed and busy but Helen helped me to clearly define my vision, set realistic and achievable goals, and ultimately create a happier and more balanced life for myself. This has in turn helped be more successful in my work. Thank you, Helen!


Kirsty Hayward

Founder, Kirsty Hayward Consulting
"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Helen!"

I felt completely at ease with her and like she really understood the realities of working in the legal field. I went into my coaching journey feeling stuck and demotivated, lacking clarity about the direction that I wanted to take my career in. I have really clarified where I want to take my career and identified steps that I can take in the short, medium and long term to get there. The level of support over the coaching journey has been brilliant, and the resources that Helen has provided have also been invaluable. 



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    • Do you feel undervalued?
    • Do you feel worn out trying to prove your worth?
    • Do you question your abilities and compare yourself to others?
    • Are you worried you’re not progressing in your career?
    • Are you concerned you might be burning out?
    • Do you want more balance, joy and fulfilment in your life?
    • Do you feel stuck and wonder: what’s the next step?

If you answered YES to any of the above then you’re in the right place.

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