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"Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people"

Steve Jobs

Corporate Training

With 10 years’ experience as a lawyer in the City of London I know what it means to the lead busy and intense City lifestyle. It is important we learn to take care of ourselves to avoid burnout and manage the significant stresses of everyday life. Through prioritising our wellbeing, we create happier, healthier and higher performing teams.

Working With Leadership

I help businesses and leaders enhance their understanding of wellbeing and mental health to optimise the performance and wellness of their teams.

I work with you to provide concrete, bespoke and easy-to-follow advice which means you can implement new processes which really do see results in your company.

I have 10 years of grassroots experience as a lawyer in a variety of law firms, including in the Magic Circle. I also know what it takes to lead, having been a law firm Partner. As a psychotherapist, wellbeing expert and coach, I have extensive qualifications in mental health, wellbeing and what it takes to thrive.

I am therefore uniquely positioned to know what works in the corporate sphere and make out-of-the box suggestions for positive change to enhance and propel performance.


Working With Teams

I have created my workshops specifically for City lawyers and other high-flying professionals. The exercises and learnings are designed to support and inspire those who live in the fast-paced and high-octane corporate world. The workshops help participants reflect on how they can be the highest-performing and happiest version of themselves, and then consider how they can put this into action. All workshops are grounded in psychology and the latest science of wellbeing.

The sessions assist participants in connecting with wellbeing to increase confidence, resilience, performance and happiness.


Sample offerings include: 

Optimising Performance & Self-Confidence

how to lead with empathy and compassion

Harnessing Your Inner Creativity & Innovation

combatting imposter syndrome

Mindfulness for Workplace Resilience


Tailored Workshops

I also create and tailor workshops and programmes on request.

What People Say

"Everyone came away feeling creatively empowered and inspired."

Helen delivered a brilliant session for She Breaks the Law on how to unlock our creative potential. We discussed how creativity makes us better thinkers, how it is necessary for well-being, how it reduces stress and keeps us healthy and had open discussion around what the barriers were. Helen speaks incredibly knowledgeably and her session is brimming with insight and practical tips. Everyone came away feeling creatively empowered and inspired.


Helen Burness

CMO, She Breaks the Law

Sharing My Insights

I’ve written numerous articles on mental health, wellbeing and optimising performance.